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Umbria is the heart of Italy and its cuisine is probably one of the excellences of Italian regional cooking.

 Its’ foods are primarily locally produced, authentic, and loyally consumed by the people in the region.  No matter if you are new to our region or if you have already fallen in love with Umbria; food is among the best ways to acquaint oneself with the history, culture and lifestyle of the people of the region by partaking in a cooking class.

During your lesson you will learn how to prepare the traditional and untraditional Umbrian recipes. You will be picking vegetables and spices from our organic gardens as well as stretching, kneading and rolling out the pasta to form tagliatelle, and ravioli or perhaps using our barbecue for your favorite Bistecca.   Our cook will accompany you during every step of the course explaining or offering suggestions and answering any questions that may arise. We only use the highest quality ingredients for our classes which ,when not found on our farm, will be bought locally from certified purveyors the morning of the class.

The duration of the class will last four hours from the start to the last mouthful of food that you are able to consume from which  you have made earlier in the day. We have a wine cellar and will present a list of wines that could accompany your meal.

Rosa Del Gandio

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